Digital Marketing Courses in Scotland -
More than Just SEO Marketing Training

How are you marketing your Small Medium Business Website right now?
Is your current marketing strategy working for you?
Who in your Business is marketing your website on a daily basis?
Why not attend a City of Glasgow Web Marketing Training Course tailored for SMEs to help them achieve what we call OnlineXcellence?

Digital Marketing Training Courses at

Digital Marketing Courses Glasgow

ICTADVISOR LTD based in Glenrothes Fife Scotland with offices in Glasgow are in partnership with City of Glasgow College delivering tailored Digital Marketing Courses. These website marketing courses are to help Small Medium and Large Businesses in Scotland deliver their websites on best practice Internet Marketing methods to help improve the performance of YOUR Brochure or Ecommerce business website?

These well attended Digital Marketing Courses are for those who have the task of being the Web Marketing Manager inside YOUR business.

After completing this 4 WEEK COURSE it will equip YOU with a 6-12 month marketing plan to help improve the marketing performance of your website. 

After the course you can OPT to continue to receive support from the OnlineXcellence Web Marketing Team that offers affordable flexible support packages to meet with your budget providing bespoke web marketing consultancy and services tailored to your company's needs. 

  • Has your business been trying to go it alone to either build a website or do its own internet marketing?
  • Are You seeking to have a successful website that brings you traffic and converts into sales or leads?
  • Do you realise that OLD SCHOOL SEO  (search engine optimisation) no longer works?
  • Are you ready to implement a website marketing strategy that will improve the performance of your website?

Digital Marketing Courses to Help Implement a Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

Every business has their competitors and there are many in web marketing agencies in the industry who say "we know how to get to the top of Google"

There are lots of web marketing agencies that still deliver that ouch factor statement "we guarantee to get you to No1 in Google"

These are very bold statements don't you think?

Just how many people know how Google's ranking algorithm actually works?
Just who are these people who say they have the secret sauce huh!

We are already working in partnership with some of the worlds top web marketers some of whom are Google evangelists and even they would love to meet the secret sauce people. 

So, guess what - there is nothing secret about Search Marketing - just common sense and following best practice search engine guidelines.
So, what do YOU NEED TO DO? The answer is right here on this page if you want your website to do well online. It is not just about ranking for keywords in search engines?

Digital Marketing Training Courses in Partnership with

Digital Marketing Courses Glasgow

These digital web marketing courses delivered by ICTADVISOR Digital Web Marketing Practitioner Brian Mathers and his Collaborative Network Partners  were developed by Brian Mathers to help small medium businesses in Scotland achieve what he calls - OnlineXcellence.

These are an affordable suite of Internet Marketing Training Courses that is more than just doing some SEO Training and delivered in partnership with City of Glasgow College and a number of other external partners that are well known brand pioneers in the search marketing industry associated with ICTADVISOR that provide materials which contribute towards the digital marketing training deliverables.

This Digital Marketing Training Program is tailored around those businesses who decide to sign up and learn how to implement best practice web marketing techniques.

The Digital Marketing Courses are delivered OVER A 4 WEEK PERIOD on Wednesday Evenings 1730 - 2030 STARTING 14 SEPTEMBER 2016.

Some of the course program will be available online and other modules delivered at the college.

You might be able also to get some 1-2-1 mentoring and training program should you not be able to come to Glasgow. 

GET IN TOUCH NOW and SECURE YOUR PLACE and learn to become the WEBSITE CHAMPION in your Small Medium or Large Business.

Achieve OnlineXcellence and learn the skills that will help improve your websites performance and assist you to increase traffic and convert those visitors into sales and enquiries. 

Digital Website Marketing Courses in Scotland offer:

  • Interactive Digital Marketing Courses In Glasgow
  • Access to real world digital marketing practitioners
  • Help towards implementing a Complete Digital Marketing System for Your Business

Let's get Started Doing Digital Marketing Training Courses....

The benefit of doing a Digital Marketing Course and not Just SEO Training

  • Better understanding of how search engines work
  • Having easy access to guidelines that will teach you best practice
  • Learning how to be creative when setting up your website pages
  • Learning how to manage your web pages and ensure they don't generate errors and end up gaining unwanted penalties from the search enignes and so much more

Those who have already attended are now committed to achieving OnlineXcellence.

Those who learned have become more confident after getting help from our mentor and trainers who will help you become a reponsible Website Marketing Champion in your business.

Brian Mathers who developed the OnlineXcellence Digital Marketing Courses and his team have over 20+ years of Internet Marketing experience.

The OnlineXcellence program has been built with input from some of the 'Best' Real World Marketing Practitioners'  who gave up their time to help in our quest to deliver quality Digital Marketing Training and Internet Marketing Consultancy and Advice.

Digital Marketing Courses delivered by the 'Trusted Voices' in the Search Industry today from around the world who talk sense when it comes to being a successful web marketing practitioner..

Learn Digital Marketing Skills Here

Digital Marketing Courses Glasgow


  • We will teach you how to master the art of Search Marketing
  • Access today the most comprehensive interactive digital marketing training modules
  • Learn to do more than just SEO Get access to knowledgeable Digital Marketing Trainers and Practitioners.

We are Your Website Design and Digital Marketing Team that is Affordable, and offering Flexible Web Design and Web Marketing Packages that are bespoke scaleable strategies.

Here at ICTADVISOR we are the digital marketing agency geared up to help small medium and large enterprises raise the profile of their company brand online - at an affordable price and we are sure to be within your marketing budget.