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Putting the OnlineXcellence Band Back Together

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

OnlineXcellence – Is your Website Singing the Write Tune?

Whilst the OnlineXcellence team have remained busy since the launch of this brand some years ago by Brian Mathers of ICTADVISOR LTD, there was little time to spend in and around our social channels, simply because we were out there in the field delivering OnlineXcellence to small, medium and large businesses.

It was about time therefore that OnlineXcellence opened up again its LINKEDIN GROUP and have everyone we know share and exchange their views on what makes a website achieve OnlineXcellence and more importantly whether it be a brochure website or an ecommerce website, what must the business owner consider when they come to purchase their first website, or have decided to redevelop their site because the one they have simply doesn’t work.

In either of these scenarios you can be guaranteed of one thing – the business owner not being sure where he should turn to get advice.

Website Advice and Guidance in Scotland

The aim of OnlineXcellence is to first of all chat through with business owners what their need is? And find out within the group who can help them achieve OnlineXcellence.

OnlineXcellence is the brand product of Internet Marketing Company ICTADVISOR LTD who work on a variety of website projects whereby in each the business being supported might have their own web developers, their own website manager, but their maybe a lack of knowledge or skill within the business trying to develop its online presence with the use of a website to promote their products or services.

The OnlineXcellence internet marketing team have helped many businesses fix their website issues. You might have issues with your site architecture, coding, the page not converting visitors, you might not even be getting visitors to your site. There can be a whole batch of reasons your website project has not got off the ground.

Whether you simply drop into the OnlineXcellence Group for a chat or pick up the phone to speak with a member of the OnlineXcellence team, you as a business owner will have the comfort of knowing that if you want a website that is to do the primary job of helping your business make money, then start your journey with OnlineXcellence so you can achieve your aims and objectives with a website supporting your business.