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Website Digital Marketing Training Courses in Glasgow Scotland

Sunday, September 4th, 2016

Website Marketing Training Courses for Small Medium Business Owners in Scotland

  • Are you ready to properly learn how to market your brochure or ecommerce website?
  • Have you found out yet that the OLD SCHOOL SEO (search engine optimisation) is no longer working for your website?
  • Do you want to learn more than just SEO Training to Grow Your Website?
  • Want to attend Digital Marketing Training Courses that also look at helping you with Online Business Growth?
  • Want to attend a tailored Digital Marketing Course at  CITY OF GLASGOW COLLEGE
  • Do You want to attend a Web Marketing Course that can also provide if you want an after course Internet Marketing Package to support your business?

Remember Internet Marketing is not just about doing SEO to try and RANK No1 for your KEYWORDS!!

Digital Marketing is not just about having a Search Engine Friendly Website it is So Much More….

How do you know if you have a fit for purpose website?
When you do our Digital Marketing Courses we take a close look at the website you have or during the courses discuss with you about the website you would like to put in place. So our training courses help you and what you learn can help your web developer to, thus ensuring you are able to put in place a FIT FOR PURPOSE WEBSITE.

Get a Website and Marketing Strategy That Delivers OnlineXcellence for Your Business
Learn how to implement a Complete Digital Marketing System.

Learn Internet Marketing…..Attend Digital Marketing Courses at Affordable Prices City of Glasgow College

City of Glasgow College Digital Web Marketing Training Partners with ICTADVISORwho based in Scotland helping staff in small medium and large businesses who are responsible for Search Marketing of the company website.  This Digital Marketing Course is led by Brian Mathers and John Taylor who are behind Digital Excellence Scotland along with their collaborative partners who have been delivering successful website marketing and design solutions since 1997.

This is a Website Training Course Building Long Term Relationships with Business Website Owners

If you don’t have the time to do any online marketing of your website and even want the website built for you, learn how you can implement a COMPLETE DIGITAL MARKETING SYSTEM that is automated to help grow your business website when you just don’t have the time.

Ask us about the Complete Digital Marketing System.

Internet marketing is the vital ‘fuel’ needed to power up your business website to increase the flow of visitors and help your website pages get more traffic achieve conversion and bring more sales into your business so it MAKES YOU MONEY  – GET SIGNED UP TODAY and attend this tailored DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING COURSE that will help you achieve what we call OnlineXcellence!

Google Panda 4.0 Released

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Fourth Generation of the Panda Algorithm Released 22 May 2014

For those of you who are Website Managers in your business and monitoring your Analytics you might have noticed some shift in the SERPs if you are constantly monitoring this valuable Google tool.

Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Webspam, did his twitter broadcast yesterday (22 May 2014) to announce the fourth generation of the Panda algorithm was being rolled out.


This Google algorithm which has continued to be updated by the World’s leading Search Engine is in place to penalise spammy sites or those with low quality content.

When these updates come along there are always going to be winners and losers. If you want to find out so far who those winners and losers are amongst the bigger brands you can  find that out HERE

The smaller businesses are always struggling to achieve high SERP visibility due to these larger competitors, but Google’s aim with Panda 4.0 is to provide a level playing field for smaller businesses whose main problem is struggling to produce quality content for their website pages.

Has Your Website Been Slapped Again by Panda?

If youtend not to look at your Google Analytics Dashboard very often, now might be the time to get more familiar with this highly valuable data intellingence source.

Please get in touch with the OnlineXcellence team if you think your website has been slapped by this latest introduction of Google’s Panda 4.0 algorithm.  Some analysis work may suggest that you need to create a revised search marketing strategy for your website with a key focus on ensuring you are delivering regular, high-quality content to your website pages. Make sure you are following Google’s Marketing Guidelines so your website achieves OnlineXcellence.

Freshen Your Website And Win Races

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Spring Has Arrived Time to Freshen Up Your Website Vehicle And Win Races

When the sun comes out it seems to bring out the best in people. All of a sudden we wake up and want to get stuck into all the jobs we tend to shelve during the winter months.
With a website, we should be working on that all the time, and some business owners do, but, there are many other mainly small business owners who don’t spend enough time inside their website.
What I have observed is that the micro and small business owner tend to have a small burst of energy so often and then they wain and the energy drains away rapidly.

I created a program back in 2009 and called it OnlineXcellence. It was aimed at the small medium business owner and was based at the time around the XFACTOR program that had arrived on our televison screens.

In the XFACTOR thousands of hopefuls come forward with a dream of stardom, and everyone believes they can sing, that is, until they come in front of those panel of judges led by Simon Cowell who knows what makes a great pop star. Here at ICTADVISOR we tend to think we know what makes a website a great website, one that will have the ability to achieve multimillion pound turnover in sales and of course make a profit.

So, through the launch of the OnlineXcellence program we selected 12 businesses who were up for the challenge of improving their website performance and the key objective being to have the business website, whether it be a brochure site or an ecommerce website, to actually make some money. The plan took each business over a 9 month program that had them attend workshops and gain 1-2-1 mentoring and training for the people at each business who had the day to day responsibility of actually driving the website. Part of the aim therefore was not just to improve the websites performance but to turn these website managers into website champions.

12 businesses came forward, that ranged from websites selling:
Car parts
Hotel accommodation
Holiday park
Organic Foods  (Juniper Fine Foods)
Pipe Laying Services
Optical Training
Organic Milk
Farm Plastics Recycling
Animal Feeders and Rearing Equipment
Foresty Equipment
Arts and Artists

The Road Towards Improving Your Website Win Races And Achieve OnlineXcellence

Just like the XFACTOR there were winners and losers out of the above list. Those of them who did go on and achieve OnlineXcellence went from having previously earned £0 online and 18 months later earning nearly £3m online. In the above list of businesses there were website managers who really wanted the success and more importantly wanted to see their business make more money and willing to pull out all the stops to achieve that aim. Whilst others just doodled along and did not put as much effort in. Every website improved, but those who dabbled saw their website not gain as many visitors and were not wallowing in increased sales. And so even today, some of those websites have only improved marginally from when they participated nearly 6 years ago. Also, in some cases, since the participating in the OnlineXcellence program, some of the businesses that took part either no longer exist, or they have had a brand change, with some of them even moving their business location to another part of Scotland. However, looking at those who did make some changes over this time period, it would appear some of them forgot to migrate their old brand to point at their new business name and so have probably lost their old customer base and website back history they built up.  A lesson learnt here is that website migration is like open heart surgery, it is very important to rejoin all the arteries that are feeding the organ that is the website – treat it like a pumping heart and don’t let it die during the migration.

And, that is probably the biggest problem still observed today – shoddy website migration projects. Small business owners just don’t know how to manage their website effectively. And, some website design agencies make for bad heart surgeons and lose website patients under their care.  It is understandable the small business is on a limited marketing budget and might not always be able to afford the best. But the unwillingness to spend at least a reasonable amount of money on a regular basis to help promote their business website and keep it alive is important. It does take time to learn how to do internet marketing instead of going down the DIY SEO route, and it will make all the difference if you learn how to choose the right team to have in your theatre of operations when constantly trying to improve your website.

It is true what was once said at a Search Engine Strategies conference, – there is lots of websites out there offering Search Marketing Services which you can get without spending hardly any money. But even those websites who offer such services are not that well optimised and don’t follow guidelines as laid down by the likes of Google. There are also many web agencies with just 1 or 2 people delivering website design but say they do internet marketing, but again there is little or no evidence of them having produced websites that actually get traffic and make money.

On the other side of the fence there is YOU the business owner, who has been witnessed facing to having to spend £25 a month to get a website, and grumbles that this is too much to spend on such a vital loud speaker to reach out to potential customers. And, then YOU the business owner cough and splutter because YOU are then asked to pay for marketing services to, and this might cost YOU another £25 – god forbid (and that is a self service product that helps you learn how to do the marketing by yourself). That is a bargain, if you know that it will work for you on both counts.

Getting Your First Website

If you are on a tight budget but want to look the part online with a professional looking website and one that will be search engine friendly, mobile friendly and have all the latest features, you can get a good website that will put you in KOMMAND for £25 a month. And, any decent website vehicle that has to win a few races needs the right fuel. So, start by learning how to mix the right fuel and learn how to become knowledgable at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) also for £25 a month.

My Website Must Be a Ferrari

OK, let us assume you do have more money to spend on an all singing all dancing website, where you want to look like those big brand websites you have visited and where you have shopped at on the internet.
This is just like going to your 5 star diner outlet and not down the local cafe. You are tomorrow’s entreprenuer, you want style, you want great architecture, and yes, every entreprenuer should have a grown up to look after them, so you want a great real world internet marketing practitioner who can help you plan, implement and launch a website that meets with all today’s coding and marketing guideline standards.
Why? Because doing internet marketing in 2014 is not like how things were done between 2003-2012. Here you might spend £5k, £15k, £50k on a website and they same if not ten times more on marketing. Now you know how all the big brands are legally in the web space you want to be in for your HERO KEYWORDS!

Feeding the Animal in Your Website Tank

Things have changed forever. Listen to those who are real world internet marketing practitioners, Rand Fishkin, Matt Bailey, Danny Sullivan, Avinash Kaushik, Bryan Eisenberg, Will Critchlow, Dixon Jones, they are the really big names in Search today. What they are all talking about? PANDAs, PENGUINs and HUMMINGBIRDs. And yes, even here in Scotland, these words are still quite alien to the micro or small business owner, as they have no idea how these animals are affecting their website performance!

Most business owners tend not to mingle or hangout in online forums which constantly having discussions around such subjects all of which impact on YOUR search engine marketing. I know, you wouldn’t find a racing car driver on a horse trainer forum trying to get some horsepower tips! But, the message to the micro small business owner, and even larger corporates, is take some time out, learn what powers your website.

Business owners should try and find a forum that will help them with decisions on how to get advice on building a good website and then how to market it. Yes. coming to such an online forum and getting the views of a number of real world marketing practitioners who have built websites which have won races, would be like entering a car showroom for the first time and being amongst petrol heads, but you would be getting some seriously good advice before buying your first car. Well, it is the same about buying a website, it is very important as part of your website driving test to learn how to plan towards buying a website that will meet with expectations. Guaranteed, that by visiting a few forums the micro and small business owners could probably learn lots about how to approach website design and what the minimum budget needed is to achieve success at internet marketing.

How long did it take for you to pass your actual driving test, and be confident on the road?
Who was your favourite driving instructor?

Think about it, by spending some time and a little money with someone who is impartial but knowledgeable and been involved in website projects for a number of years, and helped the business plan the layout, provide the web agency with a brief, helped YOU the business owner oversee the build, and prepared YOU for when it came time to drive the website on a daily basis and have it make money for YOU – this would be a dream come true! But you just have to be willing to stick it out the learning to drive a website bit for a while as this will be a lot longer than the time you spent learning to drive a vehicle.

We were all eager to learn how to drive a car, and went to great lengths to do so. It was going to be vitally important to our way of life, to get around and more so should the business we started needed us to deliver goods and services we sold across long distances. Yet, find a business owner who is willing to take a reasonable amount of time to actually learn how to drive a website and have it get more visitors and make more money for that person’s business. It sounds great for 5 minutes to lots of business whether they are micro small business owners and even larger corporates, and then the vision to succeed fades, as many quickly lose interest and simply cannot be bothered.

If you don’t want to drive the website yourself – fine, get someone who has the knowledge to do that for you. Now how much does one pay for a Chauffer these days – and especially a good one!

But, it is recommended that if you are a business owner that wants their website to be built correctly, be search engine friendly and more importantly make you money, then take a little time to drive it yourself for a while, well at least learn what is under the hood of this website racing car you want to win races for your business. Learn your content management software (CMS) inside out. Do you know what makes for a good CMS?
Having that knowledge will help you understand what the true cost is of getting a good website built and how much it will also cost to put decent fuel in the website tank so it wins races and makes you money and so you achieve OnlineXcellence

About The AuthorBrian Mathers a pioneer Internet Marketer since 1998 and creator of OnlineXcellence helping small businesses become successful online and make money.

Small Business Websites – Are You Successful or Are You Failing?

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Small Business Website Design

More and more each day we continue to get the phonecall that comes from the small business owner trying hard to have their website do one simple thing – make money.

It does not matter whether you have a brochure website or an ecommerce website, either way each has its own approach to help bring much needed sales and revenue into your company.

But still, we see many a small business owner who has huge expectations, limited knowledge about the internet and website design, and for some business owners, they just don’t want involved with the website, and just leave it in the hands of others. This usually falls to the website designer.

There are many web designers who operate alone having started their own web design business. But each will have come from a different skill background. Some will be programmers, others will be graphic designers, then there are those who pursued a career in copywriting but decided – hey I can build a website with some of the tools around today. And maybe you can.

But the reality is when this phonecall arrives at OnlineXcellence in most instances the scenario is – my website is not working – I had a web designer or marketing company working on the site, but I am just not getting traffic or sales and I have spent X amount. Does this scenario sound familiar? Are thinking – yes – I am here right now in that very position.

So Why Do Websites Fail for Small Business Owners?

Most business owners will all follow the same path. Search online for a web company that builds websites, give that web design company a verbal brief and want the website delivered yesterday. And then by the end of the first month wonder why it has not got any traffic or sales. Let us take a case study I saw today.

Website built by web designer, a single one man band

Website pages cannot be changed by the business owner

Website designer admits he does not do marketing. This can reflect in the design. How do you know what type of website to build if you have not done some marketing analysis that involves keyword research and a look at who your competitors are? So, does the web designer need to understand a bit about marketing?

So, the business owner needs marketing services. Next action Google for an Internet Marketing Company.

Business owner contacts what appears to be an Internet Marketing Company talking the language of ranking for keywords. Let us put the record straight here, it is not just about ranking for a keyword that will make you money. It is not even about always having to be number one for that keyword. There is no point in ranking for a keyword if your website when the visitor gets there does not convert that visitor into a customer!

But, what the small business owner does not know, they will just go ahead and pay this internet marketing company the fee dictated. But this is where we get told more horror stories by the small business owner:

Yes, I gave the Internet Marketing Company 2 weeks but got nothing out of it

Yes I the Internet Marketing Company suggested I do some ADWORDS with Google, but – phew – lost a lot of money and got nothing out it

Is Website Success or Failure have anything to do with approach to Design and Marketing of your Website?

The answer to this I am afraid is YES IT DOES!

The small business who called today, did not know he had a WWW and NON WWW version of his website.

The small business owner did not know his website was also sporting 4 HOME PAGES that were sitting on the following addresses:  | | |

That scenario could get worse for the business owner if they also own the website domain – WHY – you want to be working with just one primary domain. So a decision shoulld have been made – do I use the .COM or the .CO.UK and one domain should point at the other. So, if you type in the domain you don’t intend to have as the primary one for day to day promoting of your website, then if someone types that into a browser it will serve up the other domain URL address. But many independent single operator web developers still overlook this issue.

TECHNICAL SEO is as important as ON-THE-PAGE SEO. Web Developers, understand how to get your website foundations in order that internet marketers can then take the site and build good relationships with it when trying to encourage search engines to love the site.

The moral of this story. There are many things for the small business owner who wants a website to consider. It can take a number of months just to get the planning right, where the Internet Marketing Company has to work closely with the Web Design Company just to get the website architecture correct. Look at a website like how you would choose a racing car. You want to win races, so you want to rank well in the search engines but more importantly you want to convert. The element highlighted above of just getting your domain name infrastructure correct is one of hundreds of tasks that the web designer may need guidance upon. In our opinion whilst we love the freelance web developer, he does have a living to make, can he really be ALL THINGS to ALL MEN in today’s demanding field that is Online Marketing. There are so many tasks you can easily end up doing a 17 hour day to keep your website alive. In order to do that every page is a CHILD, and it needs fed. Get the architecture wrong during the website build and you maybe another small business statistic that falls into the website failure camp rather than getting awards for being a succesful website.

How To Promote Your Website

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Internet Marketing Persuasionist Matt Bailey author of Internet Marketing an Hour a Day and Brian Mathers creator of OnlineXcellence a program for business owners on how to improve your website performance both conducted a tour of Scotland during October 2011. Matt and Brian met with a variety of business owners from different industry sectors all of whom were seeking to do better online with their company website.

A key event during the tour was being invited to speak with both business owners and media students at Adam Smith College in Kirkcaldy Fife. The whole event was captured by the College’s Adam Smith TV and therefore we are pleased to be able to share this video presentation delivered to a very receptive audience at Adam Smith Colleg on How to Promote Your Website.

We look forward to you enjoying the video and our thanks to Adam Smith College for hosting the event.

Please add any comments on this page or get in contact should you want to know more about how your business can achieve OnlineXcellence with your business website or learn to improve your web author skills