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Measuring Your Website with Google Analytics

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

We find it more challenging but more rewarding helping the small medium business owner with their website and what is often overlooked or the business has no time for or does not understand is Google Analytics. This is why the OnlineXcellence Training Programs that support our Website Project Management Services are so popular.

Of course, if you are a small business website owner you are going to be governed by what we believe are the 4 most influential factors that will impact on how well their business website will do – Time | Resource | Knowledge | Budget.

A recent article from respected marketer Dan Thies over in Dallas Fort Worth caught my attention – especially this Analytics Graph image he shared.

When you look at this graph and then find Business Owners in Scotland turning up at our door and ask for a website to be built and it should have around 6-10 pages and in their eyes that will be the website built for winning sales and enquiries and so JOB DONE!!

But the article from Dan Thies brought home the fact that many smaller businesses back here in Scotland especially those who everyday ask to have a SMALL website built for them to promote this service or that product” we can tell you now – you ain’t gonna make it with just a 6-10 page website!!

OK, today successful entrepreneur’s focus on having a successful web page, and that is true. You work hard at promoting a page within the website


But, in all the years of being involved in analysing websites the pattern as we see it is that you need to have at least 200-300 pages as a starting point to give yourself a decent start. And you need to continue creating freshness (content) to support the website if you are to promote how important you are if you want to sell products or services.

In Dan’s article he talks of having implemented a strategy that sees this website pumping out articles using an automated content marketing tool and automated marketing strategies are important but you still need to be behind the creation of great content that people will want to read

So what is the bottom line towards having a great web marketing strategy? The answer……..BIG WEBSITES do incredibly better than someone who thinks they will get online tomorrow with a 6-10 page website and think – GREAT – let the sales roll in – websites live – JOB DONE!!.

I have resonated with Dan Thies since 2003. Because, over the years I have studied and learned from people like Dan in Dallas and from other great Internet Marketing Practitioners most of whom I found in the USA, and having learned from them provide a localised support network here in Scotland with my OnlineXcellence program which has helped all different sizes of businesses achieve their objectives.

OnlineXcellence is a team of Internet Marketing Consultants, Designers and Web Builders and together we are responsible for managing business relationships and helping clients develop their businesses online that involves practicing, studying and teaching advanced search engine marketing strategies and tactics to Scotland’s business community, so then if they also have us build them a website that is fit for purpose, that platform and the ongoing marketing support and training that we will provide through the OnlineXcellence Program means your small business will get off to a head start and if you stick at it, you will grow up to become an established business.

If you want to find out more about having the OnlineXcellence team building and marketing your next website – just have a chat with us first, before you commit to anything – you will be surprised.

CALL 0141 340 9979 or REGISTER for someone to speak to you about our Website Project Management Services to help you succeed online.

Published 21 September, 2016 by Brian Mathers @OnlineXcellence
Brian Mathers is MD at ICTADVISOR. He lives in Glenrothes, Scotland. You can contact him at, Brian can be followed at @BrianMathersUK or connect via LinkedIn and Facebook. For more background information on Brian, see his full bio and disclosures, click here

Putting the OnlineXcellence Band Back Together

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

OnlineXcellence – Is your Website Singing the Write Tune?

Whilst the OnlineXcellence team have remained busy since the launch of this brand some years ago by Brian Mathers of ICTADVISOR LTD, there was little time to spend in and around our social channels, simply because we were out there in the field delivering OnlineXcellence to small, medium and large businesses.

It was about time therefore that OnlineXcellence opened up again its LINKEDIN GROUP and have everyone we know share and exchange their views on what makes a website achieve OnlineXcellence and more importantly whether it be a brochure website or an ecommerce website, what must the business owner consider when they come to purchase their first website, or have decided to redevelop their site because the one they have simply doesn’t work.

In either of these scenarios you can be guaranteed of one thing – the business owner not being sure where he should turn to get advice.

Website Advice and Guidance in Scotland

The aim of OnlineXcellence is to first of all chat through with business owners what their need is? And find out within the group who can help them achieve OnlineXcellence.

OnlineXcellence is the brand product of Internet Marketing Company ICTADVISOR LTD who work on a variety of website projects whereby in each the business being supported might have their own web developers, their own website manager, but their maybe a lack of knowledge or skill within the business trying to develop its online presence with the use of a website to promote their products or services.

The OnlineXcellence internet marketing team have helped many businesses fix their website issues. You might have issues with your site architecture, coding, the page not converting visitors, you might not even be getting visitors to your site. There can be a whole batch of reasons your website project has not got off the ground.

Whether you simply drop into the OnlineXcellence Group for a chat or pick up the phone to speak with a member of the OnlineXcellence team, you as a business owner will have the comfort of knowing that if you want a website that is to do the primary job of helping your business make money, then start your journey with OnlineXcellence so you can achieve your aims and objectives with a website supporting your business.

OnlineXcellence teams post review of SES London 2010

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Scotland’s OnlineXcellence team headed up by website online business growth specialists Brian Mathers and Adrian Bereziuk have spent the week soaking up the latest trends in search marketing and getting lots of great tips and facts from the sessions delivered by the thought leaders and real world practitioner’s that most Scottish business owners have yet to hear about.

But, all that is soon to change. OnlineXcellence has already been blessed with the presence of one of the world’s TOP 10 SEO professionals Rand Fishkin, who thoroughly enjoyed his time in Scotland before facing massive audiences at the SES London conference.

During the London conference the OnlineXcellence team presented Rand with a bottle of whisky to thank him for launching OnlineXcellence on February 12. But this was no ordinary bottle containing one of Scotland’s finest single malt whiskies. The bottle was specially made by Stylish Whisky who provide unique whisky bottles that you can have designed to your own specification. So, with Rand being famous for his yellow shoes we had those prominently featured inside the bottle of whisky. So special thanks to Gyorgy Hodos who went to great lengths to ensure the bottle would impress our guest’s first visit to Scotland.

Rand contacted the OnlineXcellence offices when he returned to Seattle on Thursday and said “Very much appreciated Friday and am excited about Scotland’s potential to do remarkable things on the web. It was also great to see you again in London for SES and thanks so much for the kind words and amazing gift. I’m still overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity”.

Rand has informed OnlineXcellence he will now be returning to Scotland in August (2010) and we are already planning another mini event as the feedback from the Scottish Business community was overwhelmingly positive. One of the best comments we saw come through was “thanks for such a great event, seriously, this was the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) event in Scotland to date. It was a great venue, and I learned a lot”. This was the general concensus of everyone who attended.

At the end of SES London the OnlineXcellence team spoke with Matthew Bailey of SiteLogic who is situated in the Mid West of the USA. Matt has indicated we could see upto six of the top speakers lined up for Search Engine Strategies London stop off in Scotland as a precursor before the London event in 2011. So the OnlineXcellence team are in discussion with SES to host an even bigger event than what the Scottish companies attended a few weeks ago at Central College Glasgow.

The Secretary of State for Scotland provided OnlineXcellence with a statement of support when it launched in Glasgow and how he would like to see it grow to something much bigger by 2011. Now it looks like we are already on the road to delivering towards his expectations. Read Jim Murphy MPs statement about what he had to say about the OnlineXcellence program.

Apart from the impressive presenation that Rand Fishkin presented in Glasgow and again at SES London, who else did we think provided some great informative topics filled with tips and hints to impove a websites online performance. Where would you like us to start?

We will provide a seperate more detailed post, but lets give a name check here to just a few people who really influence us on the day and we were able to speak with during our time in London.
Let’s put our hands together for Matthew Bailey, Heather Lloyd Martin, Sheri Thrurow, Avinash Kaushik, Jim Sterne, Jim Boykin, Andrew Goodman, Bryan Eisenberg, Dixon Jones, Greg Jarboe, John Marshall, Maile Ohye, Matt Paines and Ralph Tegtmeier.

We could go on and will give more text space to others who also impressed us during the conference. The next post we put up will tell you why we feel these people are so important and why you should get to know their names and what their professionalism is.

We are here to promote OnlineXcellence a program for Scottish Business Owners that will commence in April 2010. If you want to have a successful website and know you have built it properly and it clearly demonstrates its fit for purpose, then you won’t want to miss getting a place on this program. And what is even more important for you to know, is that many of the people given a name check in this post could well be contributing to increasing your knowledge to manage a successful website.

Do stick with us, we don’t want to disappoint you.

Welcome to OnlineXcellence Blog

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Want to achieve OnlineXcellence with your business. If you have a website or are considering putting a website in place to have your company do business online, then you might be surprised how the OnlineXcellence Internet Marketing team can help you plan your website, assist with the design of the site and ensure that your web marketing effforts adhere to best practice techniques. Search engine Optimisation has changed forever during 2011/2012. So if you want to have a successful website bring you traffic and that pages convert your visitors into enquiries or sales then we can help you market your website pages and if want tobe more knowledgeable about how to market online, we can also mentor and train you to handle your website’s marketing and maintain peak performance. We also work closely with your web developer.