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SES London 2010 Snippets

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

During the week 15-19 February 2010 the OnlineXcellence team was in London soaking up knowledge from World’s leading edge practitioners of online search marketing at the Search Engine Strategies Conference.

We thought this post should signpost you to a number of comments made by those who were in attendance.

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz who presented on the Monday and Tuesday before having to return to Seattle on Wednesday has put his thoughts together by commenting on his blog about some interesting tips and tidbits he picked up during the conference.

Jaamit Durani over at Fresh Egg done well in capturing like a true journalist what was being said during some of the presentations Avinash Kaushik is one of the smartest people in Analytics and the OnlineXcellence team are testimony to this having been able to spend some time in Avinash’s company when we were last at SES New York.

Read what Avinash had to say in his keynote speach as captured by Jaamit when he opened the SES London 2010 conference.

Jaamit also neatly captured the debate of SEO vs PPC where in the blue corner the SEO proponents we had Rand Fishkin, Dave Naylor and Ralph Tegtmeier against those in the red corner the PPC evangelists Andrew Goodman and Paul Mead.

And if you really want to see the power of social media marketing then we have to give a thumbs up to Jonathan Allen over at searchenginewatch. Jonathan’s has put together an excellent blog of statistics on the impact blogging had covering SES London 2010.
As we come across other useful links from what has been hailed as another fantastic event from the SES Strategies team, then we will post them here at the OnlineXcellence blog.
Why not consider signing up for the OnlineXcellence program where you can learn how to accelerate your business growth online. And, we can guarantee you will end up joining us in attending the best conference event in the Search Marketing calendar.

OnlineXcellence teams post review of SES London 2010

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Scotland’s OnlineXcellence team headed up by website online business growth specialists Brian Mathers and Adrian Bereziuk have spent the week soaking up the latest trends in search marketing and getting lots of great tips and facts from the sessions delivered by the thought leaders and real world practitioner’s that most Scottish business owners have yet to hear about.

But, all that is soon to change. OnlineXcellence has already been blessed with the presence of one of the world’s TOP 10 SEO professionals Rand Fishkin, who thoroughly enjoyed his time in Scotland before facing massive audiences at the SES London conference.

During the London conference the OnlineXcellence team presented Rand with a bottle of whisky to thank him for launching OnlineXcellence on February 12. But this was no ordinary bottle containing one of Scotland’s finest single malt whiskies. The bottle was specially made by Stylish Whisky who provide unique whisky bottles that you can have designed to your own specification. So, with Rand being famous for his yellow shoes we had those prominently featured inside the bottle of whisky. So special thanks to Gyorgy Hodos who went to great lengths to ensure the bottle would impress our guest’s first visit to Scotland.

Rand contacted the OnlineXcellence offices when he returned to Seattle on Thursday and said “Very much appreciated Friday and am excited about Scotland’s potential to do remarkable things on the web. It was also great to see you again in London for SES and thanks so much for the kind words and amazing gift. I’m still overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity”.

Rand has informed OnlineXcellence he will now be returning to Scotland in August (2010) and we are already planning another mini event as the feedback from the Scottish Business community was overwhelmingly positive. One of the best comments we saw come through was “thanks for such a great event, seriously, this was the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) event in Scotland to date. It was a great venue, and I learned a lot”. This was the general concensus of everyone who attended.

At the end of SES London the OnlineXcellence team spoke with Matthew Bailey of SiteLogic who is situated in the Mid West of the USA. Matt has indicated we could see upto six of the top speakers lined up for Search Engine Strategies London stop off in Scotland as a precursor before the London event in 2011. So the OnlineXcellence team are in discussion with SES to host an even bigger event than what the Scottish companies attended a few weeks ago at Central College Glasgow.

The Secretary of State for Scotland provided OnlineXcellence with a statement of support when it launched in Glasgow and how he would like to see it grow to something much bigger by 2011. Now it looks like we are already on the road to delivering towards his expectations. Read Jim Murphy MPs statement about what he had to say about the OnlineXcellence program.

Apart from the impressive presenation that Rand Fishkin presented in Glasgow and again at SES London, who else did we think provided some great informative topics filled with tips and hints to impove a websites online performance. Where would you like us to start?

We will provide a seperate more detailed post, but lets give a name check here to just a few people who really influence us on the day and we were able to speak with during our time in London.
Let’s put our hands together for Matthew Bailey, Heather Lloyd Martin, Sheri Thrurow, Avinash Kaushik, Jim Sterne, Jim Boykin, Andrew Goodman, Bryan Eisenberg, Dixon Jones, Greg Jarboe, John Marshall, Maile Ohye, Matt Paines and Ralph Tegtmeier.

We could go on and will give more text space to others who also impressed us during the conference. The next post we put up will tell you why we feel these people are so important and why you should get to know their names and what their professionalism is.

We are here to promote OnlineXcellence a program for Scottish Business Owners that will commence in April 2010. If you want to have a successful website and know you have built it properly and it clearly demonstrates its fit for purpose, then you won’t want to miss getting a place on this program. And what is even more important for you to know, is that many of the people given a name check in this post could well be contributing to increasing your knowledge to manage a successful website.

Do stick with us, we don’t want to disappoint you.