Choosing a Website Designer

Choosing a Website Designer

Choosing a Website Designer is as tough a task for the business owner as it is when it comes to buying a website.

The reliability of the website developer or agency being on hand to support your overall marketing strategy and not taking days to respond to requests will be important to you.

Can the developer demonstrate he is more than just a programmer or graphic designer?

Are they willing to work alongside an independent marketing company. 

When you interview your web developer or design agency, how will you know you are getting a search engine friendly website?

Finding evidence of performance figures for websites that the web designers have already built are also vital towards choosing an affordable web design agency.

So, how do you ensure you chose the right website designer and get a website that is both affordable and fit for purpose?

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Be Prepared before Meeting your Web Developer

Be properly prepared before meeting the website developer, ensure you are going to ask all the right questions as you will want some specific issues addressed prior to engaging the services of any web design agency:

  • The web agencies design capability:
    know what to look for when considering aesthetically pleasing designs
  • The web hosting arrangements:
  • which country will the website be hosted in?
  • Any hidden license or monthly maintenance fees?
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • who has ownership of the website?
  • Meet the person responsible for design
  • If you cannot write and provide content who will?
  • Analysis Tracking Code Positioning
  • have an understanding of Google Analytics Code and how to set it up properly
  • Website migration if moving from an old site to a new one
  • does the agency understand this delicate proces?
  • If migrating a site will hosting arrangements of domains need to change or are you expected to move to a different host?

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