Competitor Analysis to Improve Your Website Performance

Keyword research is seen as been an everyday important task for the website manager who is responsible for maintaining a website's ranking competitiveness.
But, you are not just doing keyword research for that one reason, you also need to know the competitors you are up against if you are to achieve converting your website visitor into a sale or simply have them submit an enquiry to you through a contact page.
Competitor Analysis is therefore another important task in the day to day life of a website champion who wants to win the race with their own website.
The OnlineXcellence Internet Marketing Team can provide training to those responsible for their business website on how to conduct effective market research on your competitors since this and doing regular keyword research along with link building is the foundation towards you having a successful online business.
Right at the website planning stage, both competitor analysis and keyword research will contribute towards letting you know whether the need for website is going to be viable for you. During this process the data gathered will also tell you how much your likely to need as a marketing budget.
When it comes down to doing Competitor Analysis put yourself in the shoes of your customer and find out what will make them buy from you and not your competitor. Whether you offer goods or services your potential customer needs to be enticed by your page 'hook-in', that marketing strapline message that will convey the benefits of what you can do or offer the customer over your competitor.

This analysis task means you will need to find out what you like and dislike about your competitors website in order to ensure that your own website will be a truly positive experience for your customers.

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