This marketing training session will help you understand how to fully define your market and give you the skills to plan for your marketing needs in order to enter your market with your products or services.

Competitor analysis is not something you can just do in an hour, but our offering of a 4 hour training session is going to provide you with sufficient knowledge which could see you as a full time website manager committing a whole day towards researching competitors. Its an in-depth process and involves understanding who is buying what today and how to position your website to be able to make money from the market you are in and compete against those who are trying to take up the same high street space as you.

How To Do Competitor Analysis to Support YOUR Market Research efficiently

Working and learning from us will help answer the following questions:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What do they desire or need?
  • Where are they online?

Discover who is your buyer (including age, race, location, gender and income bracket)
Identify specific problems people are having by utilizing forums in your target market
Find what they are buying by utilizing Google Adwords, Clickbank and Amazon
Utilize Google products to see what direction the market is going in
Find out where your potential customer is hanging out on line.
Identify specific products your target market is buying.
Learn how to research your top 5 competitors within your target market and see what they are doing
Determine how competitive your market is by conducting a viability test.
Is there room for you the sector you are targeting?
Is there a niche within the niche that is not as competitive?
How much Search engine traffic is there in this market? We teach you with tools to find out.

Doing competitor market research with us as your guide teaches you what you should be looking at BEFORE you decide to trade online or set up a website.

Learn by working with us how to approach entering into your target market to ensure you are not setting yourself up just to fail before you even begin. Many businesses over the years were found to have rushed through such a stage as competitor analysis and keyword research and instead ended up taking poor advice. 
It is highly recommended you do due diligence when it comes to research.
Competitor Analysis is an important first step to undertake BEFORE putting a website in place.