OnlineXcellence Internet Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I learn with the support of the OnlineXcellence team?

Whether your are a business owner or an employee, this program is going to provide you with skills to help improve the management and performance of your website and you will gain skills in how to brief and interact better with website design agencies through our knowledge transfer program.

This learning that will be provided via this program will give you skills that demistifies:

  • how to consider what type of website you need and help you choose the right platform to house your website.
  • how to research the preparation of a brief that supports the website design that you can confidently give to a website developer knowing in better detail what you are asking the developer to provide.
  • information about what you must look for by way of deliverables from the website developer and that what you get as the finished product is 'fit for purpose'.
  • how to get your website to market once it has been developed and built. It is one thing having a website and seeing it as your primary vehicle to support your business but quite another when it comes to marketing it.

But like any vehicle - which is what your website is - it needs fuel if it is to perform and attract your business traffic, sales and profitability? OnlineXcellence wants business owners to be much more in control of their website's destiny, so they can question when they think something is not right and have access to the answers to confirm.

When drivng a car and it makes a noise, most drivers have a reasonable idea what that noise might be and will tell a mechanic. The mechanic fixes it, you might inspect the work, because you know where to look. So, why not be in a better position to know when to tell the website developer, there is something wrong with your website and be knowledgeable enough (as the driver) to point towards the problem.

2. What do you mean I will be the website driver?

Many businesses who put a website in place purchase one where they cannot edit the pages themselves and generally do so for economic reasons. This gives you virtually no control whatsoever and whilst it may be inexpensive, it is virtually worthless.

Today there are many Content Management Software solutions that a website is built into. This allows the website owner to 'manage and edit pages' on the website. In other words to 'drive the website' on a daily basis. No more waiting around for the website developer to make a change.

The OnlineXcellence team would like to ask you some very important questions:

  • Who knows more about your business, your customers and your seasonal trends - you or the website developer?
  • Who needs to adapt quickly to changes in the online markets you operate within, you or the website developer?

If you bought a car, you would want to drive it yourself and not have the manufacturer drive it for you and you be forever at the mercy of the manufacturer, waiting on them coming to drive you around. 

  • Think about the average website design agency, just how many people do most employ?
  • And how many of those employed in one agency will have the task of being your 'account manager'?
  • So, how many websites could that person at the website agency comfortably look after in any given week and be expected to fully understand your business to manage the site effectively so you get return on investment?

Now do you see WHY you should SIGN UP to EVENTS delivered by OnlineXcellence.

3. What does SEO stand for ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

4. What is the definition of Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via natural (organic or algorithmic) search results for targeted keywords (source = Wikipedia )

5. What is the purpose of Search Engine Optimisation ?

Your pages are competing globally with over 50 billion others. What differentiates yours from all these others?

Many will say to increase the rank of a website by having thousands of sites link to your website and this will help your business rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) than your competitors. If it was only that easy. Achieving rankings with search engines is tied to a series of benchmarking steps and evaluated by search engines to establish which position you might rank in, i.e page 1 position 1 of Google. But, you need to understand a bit about SEO so you will understand the purpose and benefits of implementation.

6. Why is SEO important ?

If OVER TIME a website gets a better rankings, the propensity to get visitors organically would increase as the page achieves better 'trust'.

7. Why is keyword research important?

For Search Engines to rank your pages, they must be able to understand them in the first place i.e. what they are about, what is the theme, what is the topic etc.  They need to do this to allow your website to be ranked so that when a particular search term is entered, the Search Engine can decide on whether to submit your page or not.  Therefore, you must understand a bit about how to find what people are looking for bearning in mind they might not be calling your product or service that you do. For example - Is it a holiday or a vacation?  Is it a motorbike or a motorcycle?

8. Why can't I just get marketing information from my developer?

Of course you can! Only you can decide if someone else knows your business and market as well as you.  If you have lots of spare budget lying around, then you won;t mind paying for this service - and there a lot of very good marketers out there - but it still revolves around the basics - you need to tell them about you before they can begin to understand.  So - why not do some of the legwork yourself.  It's very interesting to compare what you think against the actual reality of the searches that are really being made.