What you will learn:

  • Learn to understand your KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and work with web analytics data in order to optimise online marketing, sales and communication.
  • Learn how to correctly set up a Google Analytics account whilst avoiding the most common mistakes.
    The module covers general topics and then drills down deeper into more specific detail and instruction.
  • Understand how to create profiles and goals for analytics
  • Discover how to evaluate the data - visits, visitors and traffic
  • Learn how to conduct both basic and custom reporting
  • Which KPI's to monitor when attracting surfers to your site?
  • Which KPI's to monitor when converting visitors to customers?
  • Which KPI's to monitor when creating loyal customers?
  • Learn how to create a KPI dashboard using API's
  • Identify your best performing channels and campaigns
  • Where do your website visitors come from and understand your visitors and their needs
  • Who are your visitors? - putting names to your visitors: identifying which companies and persons visit your website
  • Understand visitor trends: visitor loyalty, visit patterns
  • Understand visitor context: how do your visitors visit your website, especially mobile visitors
  • Understanding how your visitors interact with your content and identify what is your most popular content
  • Understanding content interaction and user navigation
  • Understanding which content your visitors are looking for on your website and optimising internal search
  • Learn how to use segmentation to identify your most valuable visitors?
  • Learn how to attribute sales to a specific campaign or traffic source
  • Optimising online campaigns
  • Measure branded vs. non-branded search engine marketing campaigns
  • How to leverage data for prospecting, up-selling and content optimisation
  • Measuring and improving landing page performance
  • Learn to understand and interpret bounce rate 
  • Measuring and Improving Social Media performance and get to grips with Social media measurement KPI's
  • Learn about measuring Conversions and Conversion Rate Optimisation know how and when your visitors convert
  • Persuasive content architecture: understanding the influence of your content on conversion
  • Using click path analysis and conversion funnel optimisation
  • A/B and multivariate testing examples