How to Grow Your Business Online

The business marketing team at OnlineXcellence do more than just offer internet marketing services
We help small medium sized businesses to grow their business online.
This involves helping businesses owners to identify, and share with them, proven methods in how to increase a website's conversion rates, Your company is assisted in the preparation of a marketing strategy. This starts by conducting sufficient rmarket research on how viable your proposition is, how many competitors are there and analyse what keywords the target market audience are using to find what your business will offer.
We like to think that being in internet marketing we are different to our competitors. People refer to us as an SEO company, or a business providing an adwords service or may ask that we merely provide a link building service.
So, right from the beginning of our working relationship with you, we want you to know that we do much more than just a basic service. We spend much more time with our customers helping you with things like how and why to construct an Internet Marketing Strategy to support your Online Business Growth.
It is not about just focusing on one element such as SEO or link building. You do need to understand a bit more in order to measure the success you want your website to have.
While you work with us we want to empower you through knowledge transfer.
This involves an element of training and help put the destiny of the online business partly in your hands.
We will give you an understanding of:
  • How Search Engines Work
  • How to Choose a Websiite
  • How to Choose a Website Designer or Agency
See, we think it is important you have a certain amount of hands on control of your website.
So, whilst we would partner you  with our range of marketing services acting as external website managers and carrying out a variety of web marketing tasks, we train a member of staff in your company to become a competent in-house Website Champion.
This is why we are different to other SEO and Marketing Company’s when offering a competitively priced Internet Marketing Package, we include some skills training.
This web management training won’t just teach your staff proven marketing methods such as link building, competitor analysis, keyword research and content writing to name a few. But, will include other related knowledge you should know about.
If you are a business start up or wanting to redevelop your website, we will show you how to buy a website, but for everyone, we really want to show you what you can be doing differently with your approach to internet marketing in comparison to your competitors and others who are not likely to be doing things properly. 
Our help includes:
  • Build a strategy that gets people to your website
  • Once you have traffic on the site increase the conversion so your business can make money
  • Research to help brief web designers to build this fit for purpose search engine friendly website
  • To point out the user admin features your website content management software should have
  • How to create compelling landing pages so they achieve converting the visitor to engage
  • Search Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tasks that bring traffic, sales and profitability.

Within our range of marketing pages we also deliver to support multiple marketing channels such as:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Link Building
  • Article and Blog writing
  • Traditional Marketing
And finally we teach you to understand the most important aspect to the job when it comes down to marketing of any kind, understanding the dashboards such as Google Analytics and other SEO tools,  and so, learning your staff how to measure and analyse results data tracked from your important website pages.
You will find when you engage with our marketing team the added combination of consultancy and training is bringing you our experience of what works.
The people behind our company have been successful website drivers and specialize in delivering successful web page conversion for all types of website. A key benefit to you is that what we do when delivering our marketing and consultancy services is talk in plain English for non-techies.

Choosing a Website Designer

How Search Engines Work

How to Choose a Website

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