How Search Engines Work

How Search Engines Work

An important objective when planning a website it to have one that is going to be found by search engines. And how search engines work appears to be something many business owners don't consider as need to know knowledge.

But, we know there are many website projects that FAIL before they begin because, not having an understanding about how search engines work, how do you know if your website just built will attract the search engine to crawl and index your website pages? An important objective when planning a website it to have one that is going to be found by search engines. And how search engines work appears to be something many business owners don't consider as need to know knowledge.


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GOOGLE is Blind

The most important blind visitor to a website is Google. A key objective for Google is to properly index your website pages so the right people can find the products or services your company offers.

An important objective when planning a website it to have one that is going to be found by search engines. 

To build a search engine friendly website means you will have to put together a specification document for the website development agency.
Without a specification document that outlines the importance of Information Architecture as to how your pages will be crawled and indexed by search engines you could see your website strategy fall at the first hurdle.

You need to have some knowledge in knowing you are having built a website that the search engines will eventually find.

How to write a specification document for a web design team?

So you want to attract people to the website and do business with them. But without the help of a search engine, how will they find you. Why not start by first of all learning a little about how a search engine works, who better to tell us than Googles very own Matt Cutts, an engineer within the quality group at Google.

Many business owners fail to plan properly when it comes to choosing a website and then don't do anything to have the website found by search engines.

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Search Engine Optimisation

So, you get to understand how Search Engines Work, now you have to do some research so you can apply search engine optimisation techniques to your website, so your pages will meet that all important objective in not so much where Google will list in the rankings, but more importantly when seen, the person will click into your page and you will hopefully make money whether you offer a product or service.

Get to know how search engines work and how your website is going to compete amongst all the other website pages that might be offering the same as you How Many Pages Does a Search Engine look at? The answer is simply BILLIONS.Search engines index over 120 billion website pages. Just think of one search engine Google, and consider it like a hotel with a room for each and every singe website page having its own home. Once your page is inside say Google hotel, Google does not know what its going to do with that page, not until you or someone enters some keywords into Google's search bar to query what to have the search engine look for, and then it will serve up some pages. But will it be your page?


If you want a search engine like Google to serve up a page result from your website for someone's query, do you really just want the HOME PAGE. to be served up? Of course not.

You want the page in your website that best answers the query.
That page has to be trustworthy and the page has to be properly optimised. 

This  page YOU have identified as your Online Sales Person
is a page that has been VOTED by many other website pages across the internet.
All of these factors and more help 'FUEL' just one single website page. And if that page is connected to a reasonably sized website, then there is a chance it will have some degree of success for the owner of that page and you can get the search engine to love it!

As the business owner learn to understand more about how your website works so that you are knowledgeable and have sufficient skills to 'drive your website project@. If you choose to work with us as your web design and marketing partner, then along the way we teach you the HOW and WHY towards operating a website that has to bring traffic, sales and profitability to your business.

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Do not start your website project being at the mercy of the website developer, instead, start by understanding their world so that you can both work together.

There are good website developers out there across the globe, but they cannot be expected to know everything about your business or the market you are in. Many might not even know how competitive your market is online. All the website designer might end up doing is building a website for you instead of building one that has to be found both by your customers and search engines. 

Engage the OnlineXcellence Team and we will help you:

  • Understand how search engines work
  • Prepare a brief so the website developer builds a search engine friendly website
  • Deliver Internet Marketing Services that includes Search Engine Optimisation
  • Improve your skills in marketing and optimisation
  • Help you create search engine friendly website pages

Our OnlineXcellence Marketing and Training Services will help you achieve those objectives and more.

You will be much more in control of the destiny of your website.

Your money will have been spent wisely

The end result is having a search engine friendly website that is fit for purpose and most importantly earning your company - MONEY.