How to Choose a Website

How to Choose a Website

 How to Buy a Website

When it comes to the decision of buying a website to support your business what is the first step?

If you are already a website owner and looking to freshen things up, then how did you purchase your last website?

What process did you go through to put the website in place?

If this is your first website project for the business what preperations have you made BEFORE inviting a website agency into the mix?

Have you prepared a specification brief or did you just come down to a verbal conversation with a website designer.

We know what you said already "I need a website".

And we bet the answer from the website designer was "Yes, no problem, leave it with me and you'll have it in a few weeks, oh and by the way that will be GULP £XXXXXXk". Of course it could be possibly less. So are YOU the business owner who has already gone ahead and parted with money hoping the website will earn YOU money?

The OnlineXcellence Marketing Team is not saying that a website won't cost the amounts outlined above, but you wouldn't just part with the money without properly planning how its going to be spent, would you?  And, once you have purchased the website how do you get the maximum return from your investment? It doesn't matter whether its a brochure website or an ecommerce website selling products, both types of website have one simple goal, to make you money.

What you want from the beginning is a website that is fit for purpose. But this process you are about to endure is not like  choosing a car or a van to deliver the services or products of that business. When you do that task as a business owner purchasing a vehicle provides you with a lot of useful information you have come to understand, and you have seen the model you like perform well from a test drive you did. 

But buying a website for your business?

Have you ever considered asking for a test drive of the content management software you will come to use everyday to manage your website pages and marketing campaigns?

You find it difficult to understand the price you pay when it comes to buying a website. It varies so much, from what will you get for £500 to what you get if you pay £5000 or even £25000?

So, there are many things a business owner needs to understand if they are to choose the right website platform. To reach that stage, and to ensure it will be successful, means finding a website design agency that demonstrates best practice web design.

If you took an AA MAN to find your last car, the OnlineXcellence team recommend you invest in Website Consultancy to ensure you don't buy the wrong type of website. 

Be Knowledgeable and Confident in Buying a Website

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The OnlineXcellence program will equip you with the skills and knowledge so that you can confidently approach a website agency and explain with the aide of a detailed brief which you have learned to compile. Because OnlineXcellence will have taught you what makes for a good website platform?

Building a Website

You will have taken the first step in being able to 'purchase your website vehicle' knowing what to look for and being able to demistfy the jargon the website designer might try and fog you with.

Your next step after purchasing your website 'vehicle' is to ensure your web developer is going to build your website to the specification you have submitted. No point in doing all that research and putting together a website specification if all you get is what the web designer is capable of building, rather than you stretching his/her skills and build you something to win races with online!

After Buying a Website

you will need to put 'fuel' in your website to make it go, what is better known as Website Marketing, getting your website found on the search engines.

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