Look at your brochure website or eCommerce website currently supporting your business.

Do you feel it might just be reaching a single primary geographic market?
Are you happy with that website marketing strategy?

Do you feel you need to grow your international sales and want to find a marketing strategy and maybe (if required) a website agency that can break down this restriction and have you achieve internationalisation online?

DO YOU WANT TO BE EDUCATED in what's involved making YOUR BUSINESS work across all ONLINE TERRITORIES you need to break into?

Website Infrastructure

The design and layout of your website is so important if you want to achieve success on the internet. Search engines such as Google are even measuring whether your website has a slow load time and has laid down guidelines as to how your page header source code should be optimised. Today, design and architecture does have a major impact on sales conversion from your website pages and is a contributing element that has to be considered when doing SEO if you are to maintain good search engine rankings.

How confident are you of the Web Design Agency YOU work with?
How do you know YOUR WEBSITE is on a SERVER that is FAST?



Website Page Content

Many businesses struggle to produce good quality content for their website. The content you apply to pages has to be UNIQUE.
Have you ever seen a website that is able to create websites that automatically render different content to different territories?
We know and work with the best web designers that can achieve such things that then have a measureable and significant improvement on your web page conversion.

Websites Displaying Different Currencies

How Many Currencies can Your Website Display when offering a Price for the Goods You Offer
Have you heard the story about web servers that can be configured to draw down exchange rates daily from the European Central Bank. Do you know of a website agency that can use this exchange rate information effectively and can either set to auto-convert this data into local currencies and have formulas developed to convert and reflect the cost of trading in a particular territory.
Learn about this on the OnlineXcellence Program from those who developed such technology.

Doing Business Online Overseas

What if your website while based here in the UK could display a LOCAL PHONE CONTACT and OPENING TIMES in the COUNTRY YOU ARE TARGETING? Customers always have concerns when purchasing online and more so when they think they are purchasing from overseas. So, imagine how your customer in Spain, Germany, Italy or anywhere else you might be targeting across the World feels when they enter YOUR WEBSITE?
Have you ever seen websites that can actually achieve providing a local phone number and office opening times that are automatically converted into the local time zones. It is possible and the ONLINEXCELLENCE program can tell you which agency or agencies are achieving this and how if you implement this technology how it can lead to increased sales.

Courier Delivery of Your Website Products

Its all very well getting the visitor to your website, but once they are in buying mode and want to purchase products from you, the CHECKOUT and BASKET section of your website is the MAKE or BREAK for the SALE to be achieved.
Add to this which courier you intend to use, since each have different operating rules and costing structures where some couriers go by weight, others by size. If you fail to get this section of your website right your supply chain process could be your downfall, and lets not forget how you are going to handle packaging of your product so it arrives in perfect condition.
There are clever websites being built by the top ecommerce website developers that can handle rule-based systems that can optimise couriers, select different courier suppliers automatically and match them to the different territories you wish to deliver too. so as to minimise costs to the customer. This can all be very important, think what it does for customer relations such as minimising costs to your customers. There is much for you to learn and you will learn from leading industry specialists who are poineering the way ahead with this technology.

Website Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is important for those who want to span across a number of territories both within the UK and globally with their ecommerce website. Multi-channel marketing can also support a website that is not needing to have the customer put an item in the basket. When attending the OnlineXcellence program you hear about a wide range of case studies from industry experts on how they are already managing large numbers of separate channel campaigns across a variety of territories with bespoke CMS (Content Management Software) solutions.

How attending the ONLINEXCELLENCE program will help you achieve the above:

There are very few truly impartial services such as this in the country – we act as the ‘buffer’ between you and your developer/marketer to make sure that you have a sounding board to run things past before you make what is often a very costly investment in something you know very little about.

We have been classed as the Jeremy Paxman – the Simon Cowell – the Jeremy Clarkson of our industry because we challenge what you are doing and what you are getting for your money but we don’t stop there – we help you to understand how to direct your wishes into actions and help you achieve your ambitions for improving your online sales through the Online Excellence programme.

Search Engine Optimisation used to be a 'black art' – it is not simple, but nowadays it is quite logical and there is much you can do for yourself if you know where to start.  There are many things you can do to take control of the online destiny of your business, making your site perform better in terms of prominence and relevance – the two main areas that govern the eventual success of what you are trying to achieve.

Even in saying this, search engines keep refining and redefining what is important to them and affecting the ranking of your site.  Our Web Audits give you a blueprint for what is current best practice and where your site is failing or needs attention in pretty much all ways.

Our intention is to help you to understand through the OnlinExcellence programme how to gain the knowledge that will assist you in taking control of your site’s potential.

Worst case scenario; you may need the complete site redeveloped because it is just not capable of having anything worthwhile done to it – Best case scenario, you will be able to put many changes into effect at little or no cost that will make a difference within a few weeks.