Brian Mathers ICTAdvisorBrian Mathers, MD and founder of:

ICTAdvisor Limited a website marketing company in Glenrothes Fife Scotland and the driving force behind OnlineXcellence.

Brian is online marketing consultant and practitioner, educating, prodding and cajoling web agencies and businesses who want to achieve success in online marketing.


Brian Mathers has worked on hundreds of websites, in every kind of industry with an obsessive passion to deliver Internet Marketing so his clients achieve Online Business Growth. This he does with both large and small businesses.

He mentors and trains businesses how to implement a variety of Internet Marketing tasks and will tell you it is just all about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). His delivery includes competitor analysis, keyword research, link building, handling content management strategies, and much more in order to achieve the primary aim - visitor conversion from website pages to make money. 

With 15 years experience in the field of online business growth behind him, Brian tries his best in being a pioneer and visionary and the efforts he has made on behalf of web design, web marketing, web analytics, website testing, web copywriting, usability, persuasion and conversion principles is relentless. 

He hopes that both businesses and the web design and marketing community appreciates his openness and willingness to share.  His key role is project management consultancy guiding both the business owner and their web design and marketing teams who work with him and his marketing analysis team to bring online success to any size of business.