Unfortunately I cannot be with you all in person at today's groundbreaking event.

I support the OnlineXcellence initiative and I'm convinced that bringing the globally renowned expertise of Rand Fishkin to Scotland will be a terrific boost for internet marketing here.

Today may mark a milestone on the journey for businesses who are still not exploiting the internet's full potential.  It is an opportunity to learn more about growing businesses online - both the wider external trends, as well as industry specific developments. 

I believe that Scottish businesses can achieve significant growth through greater web based sales.  There are vast markets to reach out to, not just in the UK but worldwide too.

Scotland must use its full skills set.  Our businesses must maximise their web marketing potential alongside their more conventional marketing techniques.   Today's event is a big step to realising that goal.

With all best wishes for a successful event.

The Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP

Secretary of State for Scotland