Website Marketing Services for the SME

Having problems buying or choosing your first website?

Or, are you thinking you need to replace the website you have?

Or, You think you are happy with the website you do have, but it's just not getting visitors?

When it comes to Website design many small business owners are not sure of the qualitive and quantitive ways to judge what makes a good website or how to choose a website developer.

OnlineXcellence Web Marketing Practitioners support small and large businesses  support micros, small and medium sized businesses with a unique approach to help you:

Plan to have a website
Help you map out what type of website you need
How to brief and choose a website developer or web agency
Help you to decided whether you want to build your own website or not
How to Market Your Website
How to ensure the website you do have is managed through your business investing in BEST PRACTICE principles.

This is a mentoring and training service combined to help you be successful with a website online. What is delivered by our collaborative group of best of breed real world online marketing practitioners, some of whom are experts from around the globe that we work in partnership with ensures by getting this 1-2-1 training for your website project to be successful.

Sounds expensive you might say, but you will be surprised to find like our other clients how affordable it is to achieve OnlineXcellence. And those who have already engaged with us have found we are no ordinary website marketing company based here in Scotland.

These marketing support packages to help you achieve OnlineXcellence developed by ICTADVISOR Ltd here in Scotland can help you with market research, planning a website, website design, that includes overseeing the build and launch of your website,. But the most important part thereafter is the delivery of mentoring and training in online marketing tactics to constantly improve your website performance online and in search engines.

We do all this by working alongside your staff providing them with cutting edge knowledge through mentoring and training from real world marketing practitioners so your website project whether simply a brochure site or complex ecommerce platform will not fail at the first hurdle.

  • Stay abreast of your competitors as we learn your staff how to become competitive and interactive within the online marketing industry that is constantly evolving.
  • Have regular access to website marketing experts that can help prepare you for website management and working towards becoming your company's in-house champion.
  • Achieve your search marketing goals. through help from your marketing mentor transferring to you website marketing skills practiced everyday by real world marketing practitioners, so you become confident as a website manager and be successful at online marketing.

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