WEBSITE AUDIT - Intermediate Level

This Website Audit - Intermediate Level goes into greater levels of depth and investigates the reasons for non performance in much more detail than the Website Audit - Basic Level does but not quite as in depth as the Website Audit - Enterprise Level.

Business owners need to know their website is doing well and what its potential is - remember - no one can guarantee that visitors will actually come to your website but by by learning how to make the website discoverable and sticky so visitors do arrive on your important landing pages and are compelled to stay and browse is vital to your online success.

Questions you need to ask yourself to determine whether this website audit health check is suitable for you?

  • Does your website having between 80 to 150 pages?
  • Does your website sell services and not take payments?
  • Does your website sell products and does take payments?
  • Do you think your webiste has structure at both category and product level?
  • Do you think your website is difficult to navigate though?
  • Do you think your website is not reaching its target market?
  • What proportionate amount of relevant visitors is coming to your website?
  • What proportionate number of relevant visitors to your website are converting into sales?
  • Are you operating a website with no analytics information?

These and many other factors govern the reasons why a website does not perform well. 

Business owners aspirations are naturally high but some will be unachievable until you are properly educated to understand how long it might take to achieve your website goals and how.

In today's online market, if their is no collaboration between an expert marketing team and the developers and designers, your website could fail at the first hurdle. Some developement agencies at least admit up front that marketing is not their forte and welcome such collabortive partnerships.

So, if you are a business owner who admits to not having a clue about why things are not working with your website and have been complaining about the price you feel have paid for failure, then this website audit service could turn things around for both your business and your website.

The intermediate website audit health check will find out how well your website is performing and covers the following:

Check Your Website Domain Name:
Whois Record

Check Web Server Record:
Hosting Company Review
Reverse IP Address Check

Website Verification Test:
W3C Markup Validation
W3C CSS Validation
WAI (Web Accessibility)
Section 508 Compliance Testing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Test:
Home Page Review
Select Number of Landing Page Reviews
Information Architecture Review
On The Page SEO Content Review
Off the Page Marketing Review
Blog Analysis
Review of Page Conversion Factors
Keyword Analysis
Google Page Rank Score

If you operate a larger website you may need to consider requesting for an Enterprise Level Website Audit.

The information provided by this website audit report will be of value to your business. It will help with future decision making towards improving your website's performance.

The intermediate website audit report provides constructive criticism and helps business owners assess the worth of investment and what the returns the business might be missing out on, as well as giving valuable insights into the reasons and the logic behind making the improvements and the benefits this audit can bring.

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Get our help to be more successful with your aspirations by getting objective information and advice - it is certainly worth the modest investment you will make and it will open up your thinking on how to get the maximum leverage from having an online performance.

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