Website Manager to Website Champion

Website Manager to Website Champion

Will Your Website Development Project be Successful without a Website Champion?

 You have decided that your business should have a website. The decision may be based on having seen a competitor's website or depending on the nature of the business, carried out some basic research or read an article that indicated there is money to be made online by having a website presence. But, who is going to drive that website everyday? Let us turn your staff member into a Website Champion.........

What is a Website Champion and why should a business have one?

It is proven, work hard and you canc achieve your goals, and Scotland's very own Wimbledon Champion Tennis Player Andy Murray in 2013 has proven what rewards determination can bring and we all shared that winning feeling with him.

Such commitment and determination is what we also seek from the people we help to become Website Champions. We want you to feel what it is like to win. This person nominated inside YOUR business that we want to mentor and train in becoming your Company's Website Manager will gain from our help the proper skills needed to hold down this very important job position. To become this competent web marketer who we will also turn into a creative web page author does not need to have qualified as a website developer, or a graphic designer or even a 'geeky' software programmer. But, with our mentoring and training services what you will achieve is the ability to drive your website towards getting more traffic, and converting visitors into sales from your web pages.

A key skill you will need is common sense and logic towards web usability. We consider you to view your website like a high performance racing car, and that all you want to do is win races against your competitor.

To do that, your job towards becoming a Website Champion requires you to conduct a variety of roles, and one of the first is  putting yourself in the position of the person who will come and use the website. Because, if you cannot get around it easily and achieve and what you want from your GOAL web page that is to make you and your company - money, how will you expect others to do the same?

The onlineXcellence marketing team at Fife based Internet Marketing Company ICTADVISOR LTD introduces  you to our trained Engine Driver, delivering internet marketing services needed by your company since 1997. To drive forward your ecommerce or brochure website we want to go a step further and not just help with your SEO Marketing activities, we want to train your staff in the art of Internet Marketing and turn them into website champions as we believe knowledge transfer is vital to support the small business owner in managing their website.

Once you are trained in being able to manage your website, your job will be the day to day involvement of keeping the website pages aligned to the companies operational activities to ensure the company website is serving up the right page at the right time with the right offer from keywords that have been entered by your potential customer.

The marketing skills you acquire in the art of online marketing will provide you with a much better understanding of what it means to have a good landing page, how to be competitive with that page and improve the company's online business growth. 

Who can be a Website Champion?

This website champion that ends up with the role as website manager can be the Managing Director (if they wish) as you might well be the only employee in the company, so you have no option but to become thee Website Champion. But ideally, we don't recommend this. You are going to learn, there is a reasonable amount of time in a week that must be dedicated to 'driving the website. And, you still have a business to run. There is a role for the MD to play as they should be involved with the website and that is where our mentoring services will come in handy. 

However, what the business owner should do, is identify an individual in the business who actually enjoys surfing the web on a daily basis and understands customers. This is a good starting point towards identifying someone in your business who we can mentor towards helping your business and them to achieve OnlineXcellence. And, that person will become a valuable asset to the business.

What will Your Website Manager learn?

We are simply not just going to teach you how to surf the internet.

We are going to teach your staff to be competitive with the business website. Your nominated staff member will be taught a variety of web based skills that many businesses do not possess right now. Even marketing graduates who have engaged with the OnlineXcellence Marketing team who have engaged with us in the past admitted they had not been taught some of the marketing techniques we provide through our knowledge transfer program.

Your Webite Manager who sets out to become a website champion will be in a race where there are millions of websites with thousands of pages on the internet. Over 130 billion individual pages all competing to gain attention. Somewhere in amongst those pages are the few that support your businesses website.

The challenge for the website champion, is how to get website pages to rank highly with the search engines?

This trained up website manager for your small medium sized business will also have to keep an eye on the marketing budget.
That's right, you didn't think you could just compete online for Free. We help you to understand how how much money annually you will likely need to spend on marketing your website.

View your website as a vehicle and the budget as the fuel to put in the vehicle to make it power around the track to success!

So, you want to learn how to market a website, you want to ensure you have the right person to put in the driving seat, the right agency to build your website and a marketing strategy that is going to work. That is why you have read this so far. do you think we can help you achieve your online objectives? 

The OnlineXcellence philosophy is there are things you can control and things you can’t when it comes to building, maintaining and marketing a website. And of course you have expectations of being successful.

So, let us repeat the statement. We will help you build your business online with a lot more than just an SEO service.

The OnlineXcellence Marketing team deliver internet marketing services to achieve online business growth.

Donm't spend most of your time guessing how to do Internet Marketing. You don't spend time trying to figure out how the engine of your car works to get you from A to B. You just expect it to happen because you left that complex stuff about engines to the car manufacturer. So, why not put your Internet Marketing requirements in the hands of people who do this for a job everyday?

Get the help YOU need. 

Understand the importance of the type of website platform you will require to support your business.

Be more in control of your websites performance on the internet with search engines.

Learn the marketing tactics and skills needed to manage your website and achieve the objective to bring traffic, sales and profitability to your business.


  • We don't develop websites but we help you build one that will be successful
  • We don’t sell you advertising campaigns but we help you plan, implement and measure your marketing campaign to be successful.
  • We don’t affiliate ourselves to other companies 
  • We are truly impartial with everything we do in supporting your online business.
  • We deliver knowledge transfer to you so you understand how every marketing pound is being spent.
  • We don’t want to alienate you from your web developers, they also without doubt benefit from us being involved with you.

Become an OnlineXcellence Website Champion

If you achieve becoming an OnlineXcellence website champion, you will understand the principles of having a website and will have learned skills that will help you better engage with website developers, provide detailed specification briefs on what you want your website to do and what it has to look like. You will be able to edit the site pages in order to adapt to changes swiftly in your market place and target the right audience you want to land on your website pages to do business with you.

You will have knowledge and understanding of a website Content Management Software (CMS) system.

You will be able to identify the features of a good CMS so during the website build you have the ability to be part of the page design process.

You will have the confidence to tell the website designer I don't want that button there or this image in that position, because you will know what will and won't work.

You will have been taught what makes for a good website that demonstrates best practice. So, what are you waiting for?

Be the Website Champion of your business.