Website Marketing

Website Marketing

Ideally a company operating a website should be able to take control of their website marketing strategy.

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You and your company are those who know what your business is about. If your business needs a website who therefore is ideally placed to 'fuel' it with worthwhile content. Knowing how to create content for the website is crucial if the website is to be ‘uniquely competitive’ on the Internet.

This sounds easy enough, but is actually quite a challenge to plan, implement and market a website. Education is the key if the money you invest in a website has to bring you return on investment.

Website Management is an Everyday Task

A website needs managed and regularly fed - everyday. Because everyday someone else in the same business as you also has a website. And so everyday they will actively promote their website pages to rank higher than yours

The biggest problem in maintaining a healthy website is that most people are (and always have been) bad content creators and know little about website information architecture and knowledgeable in how to put in place a content strategy.

That's why we have professional copywriters, graphic designers, filmmakers, speakers, musicians, and other types of media professionals. that are all real world practitioners that give their time to train you and staff from your business in order that you achieve online excellence.

When an average person tries to create content, they typically don't have much to say and what they do say is often said badly.

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Understand Search Engines - What do you need to know

It is important to know that search engines change regularly - it can be up to 400 times a year or more.  The person who has responsibility for the website and its content has to be able to adapt swiftly to this algorithmic shift.

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This means the person needs to have an understanding of website architecture, and also possess good quality writing skills. This same person needs to understand a little bit more about how search engines and about site architecture if a website they are responsible for is to succeed on the internet.

This person the OnlineXcellence program is grooming into becoming a Website Champion, also needs to have a creative flair in knowing what makes a search engine friendly page that is dynamic and inviting to the web visitor but ensures that page will reach the objective of that visitor converting on the page

Therefore the type of person required by a business has to be equipped with additional qualities to that of:

  • basic website mechanic
    newspaper journalist/editor
    have an eye for graphic design
    understand visitor behaviour on web pages

The desired person for this role will need to have had some experience in online consumer marketing, particularly search engine marketing; a reasonable level of technical knowledge and an understanding of site development skills; analytical and numerical skills, with experience of preparing online performance reporting, briefing the business owner where the strategy is or isn't working in the website's favour.

The OnlineXcellence website marketing and website management training program is here to help business owners and their staff become knowledgeable in the above topics. By gaining the above skills will also make a staff member not just more employable with the company they work for now, but they become an attractive employee for another businesses if that business sees their competitor has a professional 'website champion' bringing success into the company.

The world is changing, the high street is changing, people are searching for new job opportunities. Becoming an OnlineXcellence website marketing and website management professional could be good for individuals and good for employers.

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