Website Planning Training in Glasgow Scotland

A Support Program to Help Small and Large Businesses Plan for a Website

We help you with Website Planning and introduce you to the importance of how you approach the website design and page design principles, whether you decide to build your own company website or are planning breifing a website agency to do it for you.

Whether you are intent on being responsible for a large website or a small website, and it be either an ecommerce or brochure website by learning about site structure and information architecture is going to help you have a successful website once it is launched.

This website planning mentoring and training session we offer you compliments other modules you can buy into that will contribute towards helping you manage a website effectively.

Understand the importance of Website Architecture

What you learn from how to do website planning, are techniques you will employ to deliver a website that is easily navigable, and to review and consider menu layouts that work.

You are also introduced to techniques that make web pages accessible to people with disabilities.

When considering having website, you also want one that you can content manage, in other words be able to edit the pages yourself.

Choosing Content Management Software

Choosing a content management software platform is not like choosing a vehicle for you business. You have to know what type of dashboard you need to work with in order to manage the website pages. This means your admin user interface will provide functionality to create search engine friendly website pages plus logical and intelligent navigation.

An insight into Progamming Languages used for Website Design

Whilst our mentoring and training sessions do not set out to make you a programmer we give you an insight into what makes for good coding graphic design standards.

The time we spend with you helps consider testing a website with a number of tools to check code validation and accessibility so the site meets with W3C and WAI guidelines.

We do not teach you programming but we explain the difference and help you identify the major coding languages web developers build websites with such as HTML, ASP, PHP and MySQL databases.