Website Management Training Courses Glasgow Scotland

A training program aimed at small or large business owners, members of staff or individuals who need essential website management skills, learning how to take a structured approach to running a website on a day to day basis and planning how to attract the customers you want.

This website project management training is for you:
If you are planning your first website project
If you are redeveloping a website
If you think you need to replace the website that is already in place because you think its not working.

You will learn how to plan the website layout and understand the importance of website architecture
You will lean how to prepare a specification document to brief website development agencies
You will learn how to conduct analysis to assess whether the website project is viable
You will learn what to look for in website agencies when it comes to choosing one
You will learn how to prevent your website project from failing
You will learn whether its you or someone else who should go onto become a website champion and undertake other courses that compliment this first of 8 training modules in website management and website marketing