Keyword Research Using Wordtracker

How to make money from your website pages by using the right keywords

Keywords are vital for use in your website page content.

Keyword research is probably the most important task you should carry out on a regular basis.

Your website page should at least have a primary keyword in the title tag

A rule of thumb to follow with your keywords is ONE page ONE theme ONE topic.

So, what keywords are your target market audience using to find your website so you can sell your products and services? There is a way to find out:


Carefully research your keywords and YOU will avoid optimizing your site for the wrong search terms.
Analysis your most common search terms used in your industry, with the help of Wordtracker a reputable tool used by internet marketer real world practitioners.
Wordtracker's most compelling function is its comprehensive search feature. The tool can help you find search phrases that your competitor probably hasn't.
Not doing keyword research regularly and making use of Wordtracker and you are flying your website blind and your probably targeting all the wrong keywords and adding them to your website right now.