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Website marketing training is a must for those staff who have the task of being the website manager in your business.



If you just need to LEARN SEO at your own pace you can start right away.
But, if you really want your website to be successful and you are buying your first website or your last website failed - then get the support of a WEB MARKETING MENTOR to help with your website project so you achieve success online. First, meet Mr Search Engine Optimisation Rand Fishkin a world renowned speaker on the subject of SEO, here is what he said after helping Brian Mahers launch the OnlineXcellence program that supports small, medium and large businesses:

Rand Fishkin

OnlineXcellence was developed by Brian Mathers, director of Internet Marketing Company ICTADVISOR LTD which he initially launched back in 1997.  The company's OnlineXcellence Internet Marketing Practitioners are based in Scotland, both in Glenrothes Fife, and Glasgow.


You know the scenario, business approaches web developer, web developer builds website, web developer might also be a marketing agency or you go elsewhere to ask for SEO Services. But, there are many small medium business owners who cannot afford even the luxury of a web developer or a 3rd party web marketer. So they go for the DIY website and want to learn SEO for themselves. In both cases there is a lot to learn when it comes to building a website and doing Internet Marketing, and that in itself is not just all about doing SEO, says OnlineXcellence creator Brian Mathers. If you want your business to achieve OnlineXcellence this website offers you a couple of options tailored for small medium and large businesses.


Our aim is to have your business website achieve OnlineXcellence.

This Search Marketing Service is a bespoke marketing package, tailored to support small, medium and large businesses. It helps you plan to have a website, create a marketing strategy and put in place a fit for purpose website. You can access SEO TRAINING and 1-2-1 sessions with a WEB MARKETING PRACTITIONER who would be your MENTOR to help you every step of the way.

Achieving OnlineXcellence is having YOU or YOUR STAFF take a DRIVING TEST except this vehicle is your BUSINESS WEBSITE.

So OnlineXcellence is different, it brings to your company a tailored package to help implement or improve your website, and provide an Internet Marketing service. A tailored package can assist you to:

  • plan towards having a website
  • redeveloping your current website
  • help you to market your website
  • provide a mentor to help you make money from your website.

The service can teach your staff on how to manage a website and steer it towards being successful online. With a mixture of online training and the support of a web marketing mentor you will learn practical internet marketing techniques that will improve your websites performance with search engines, help you gain more visitor traffic, and bring website marketing skills in-house turning members of your staff into WEBSITE CHAMPIONS.

Learn Search Marketing Techniques, SEO and More....

Do you want to be the Website Champion in you business? Do you want to see your website succeed in getting both traffic and sales? A website is just a car with an empty tank if you don't invest in Internet Marketing, and what we do is tailor a Search Marketing Package to help you achieve Online Business Growth.

  • We can mentor you on a 1-2-1 program should you want to be tutor led in doing web marketing yourself.
  • We can do the Internet Marketing for you if you don't have time, but we need your input.
  • We can offer Online SEO Courses that you can do at your own pace and in your own time.
  • We put together bespoke Search Marketing Packages that are affordable to help you grow your brochure or ecommerce website.
  • We can even help you build or redevelop your website and show you how to succeed with a search engine friendly website. With us its like choosing a racing and us being track side so you win the races against your competitors.

Even in Formula 1 Fail To Plan - Plan To Fail -  Websites Have To Win Races Too

And so, from the beginning, if you don't properly plan why you need a website and what it has to do to win by bringing you visitor traffic, sales and profits, and if you don't take the time to learn to drive the website project properly right from project start then you are likely to come last and fall into the category we know as failure.

Website projects have to be driven by a collaborative bunch of people that includes the business owner who must have a good vision and clear objectives. Your company must be prepared to work hard, putting together the marketing strategy which clearly outlines what the company's online goals are.

We want UK Business Owners to achieve online excellence and more so for those businesses right on our doorstep in Scotland.

We can help, by delivering SEO and PPC Marketing Mentoring and Training to Your Staff

Mentoring and training internet marketing services for Small Business Owners who want a website presence that brings them traffic, conversion and sales will cover many topics delivered right to your premises to the person who is the website manager:

  • website strategy
  • website marketing
  • website design
  • website page management
  • website marketing tactics
  • Website Page Conversion
  • Website Keyword Research
  • Website Competitor Analysis
  • Website Analytics

Here is what the OnlineXcellence Internet Marketing Practitioners offer:

Website Marketing Services for the SME

Website Marketing from real world practitioners

Web Marketing Training & Mentoring Courses for Small Businesses in Scotland

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