Ways to recognise a bad SEO Company

OnlineXcellence is regularly talking to its colleagues and peers around the globe who are working hard to maintain goood search engine optimisation standards. And the most important task right now in 2010 is trying to educate the business owner in achieving onlinexcellence with their website. Lets prevent website failure and see businesses especially the smaller ones get a slice of the billions of pounds being spent a month online. But – you have to be serious if you want your site to succeed.

To recognise a bad SEO person or company you need to be educated towards understanding and following the rules. So that, your website gives you better miles to the gallon and you stop getting penalised for getting your SEO so wrong.

An SEO article written by Eric Enge in 2008 still stands true as we trundle into 2010. Eric is president of Stone Temple and of course is the 27th most influential marketer by readers of the Invesp blog. I know a few other good people on that list that I could recommend, but I suggest you read Eric’s article and leave him your comments.

There are tons of good interview articles on Eric’s site and so another interview we want you to read on Eric’s site is the one he did with Ken McGaffin of Wordtracker.com.

I have known Ken for a very long while now and I am already looking forward to our time together next week at the SES London Conference.

Read Ken’s article over at Stonetemple.

If you can’t make it to London on the 15 Feb 2010, for what will be a fantastic week filled with wealth, knowledge and the best search marketing talent on the planet, then read on………..

We have something special to tell you about here, why not get yourself to Glasgow for Friday 12 Feb 2009 and here about what you should be doing to your website by using best practice SEO techniques. World class top 10 SEO professional Rand Fishkinof SEOmoz.org is joining me for the day to launch the OnlineXcellence initiative. Come along, as you will not be disappointed. It all kicks off at 1000 inside Central College next to Queen Street Station.


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