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In Feb 2010 Scotland was honoured to be graced with the presence of the most influential and leading expert in search engine optimisation Rand Fishkin, who gave Scottish Business Owners an insight in to the power of Search Marketing Tools that have been developed by his company SEOMOZ

If your a business in Scotland and cannot afford the pilgrimage to the big Search Marketing events in London, New York, Chicago and other fine locations around the world, then stay tuned to both the  OnlineXcellence Website and the SEO Professionals In Scotland Website. There are plans for the future to bring back the likes of Rand Fishkin of and other well known trusted voices in our industry such as author of Internet Marketing An Hour a Day Matt Bailey of SiteLogicMarketing.

Having a range of SEO tools at your finger tips is important and that is why in order to promote best practice search marketing to the small business community the OnlineXcellence team are alwasy keen to bring to your attention those we consider are the trusted voices of respect in the search marketing community.

Another partner we work with in order to assist our clients in keyword research is our friends over at Wordtracker who are always producing interesting articles that we pass onto our clients when assisting them with online growth. One of their great article writers is their guest blogger Judith Lewis. Judith is often found doing public speaking events and has appeared at the London Search Engine Strategies conference.  When it comes to search marketing standards and what OnlineXcellence is trying to do in helping its customers achieve best practice with their website, it is people like Judith who is one of the trusted voices in our industry when it comes to raising the issue about SEO standards, getting accreditation and qualifications in this subject that is really important.

Having someone manage your website with suitable credentials is of paramount importantance, but we also believe in keeping the business owner abreast of search strategies without saddling him or her with too much information. All the business website owner wants is results that achieve sales, ranking simply for a keyword is not enough in today’s market place. The website page that is of value to the business owner must convert. And it is here where we all have to help the business owner manage their expectations and have them understand how long that might take by giving them understanding of the process.

We once came across a website agency that said SEO was dead. But take what Judith Lewis is trying to say and quite simply today SEO has changed, it is still a popular acronym but the approach to doing SEO is very different. And of course for the business owner, how do you know you are getting a good SEO Service? How much SEO knowledge do you think you could you achieve by doing the job yourself?

There are those website designers out there that add in their website build quote to the business owner ‘SEO Services’. And a lot of the time the business owner doesn’t really know what that added service entails. The business owner might not know the first thing about online marketing, but, would you as that business owner drive a car not knowing where to put the oil, fuel and water? How far would the car go without such ingredients? So, there are things you should know about how to manage a website, even though you might leave it in the hands of others.

A business owner does want their website to succeed, they have expectations, and usually high ones. There is no point paying good money for this glitzy looking platform if its not going to bring what is important to the business owner seeking online success.

We are of course referring to traffic, visitors, sales, profitability and wealth. A website is only going to achieve those things if the person driving the website everyday is knowledgeable enough to know what gear to put the website pages into.

And therefore OnlineXcellence and Judith Lewis in the opinion of this article are very much on the same frequency because it is true what we both agree on, SEO can make or break a website.

The job of the OnlineXcellence team when delivering marketing services and working in conjunction with your chosen web developer is to ensure you have a good level of understanding to know what is going on in the delivery of Search Marketing Services as there is more to it than just ranking for some keywords or getting a few links.

We love the website design community, without them there are no websites to market. But this is an unregulated community. When the OnlineXcellence team engage with a business owner who may already have a website or considering to build one, either way there will be a website company in the project either already in position or of course we can bring in our teams delivering best practice design principles.

There are times when there is a web design team already supporting a client site, that as soon as we are hired, the shutters come down at the website agency, because they think we are going to upset their kitchen by being another additional cook.

They could not be more wrong. OnlineXcellence is looking for a win win situation. If a website agency would freely admit they might not have all the skills or are willing to work with us so they can deliver on best practice and be even better at what they do, what is going to happen? Of course, more people will want to do business with that website agency and the OnlineXcellence Marketing Team.

So, OnlineXcellence is not just an Internet Marketing Company offering SEO, but has an aim of delivering on best practice principles. OnlineXcellence can be with you from the start of your website project through to launch and beyond. We are there to ensure you don’t just end up with a ‘nice website design’ but a website that will in the long term bring client traffic, sales, profits, wealth and return on investment. Everyone’s a winner when you are working collaboratively on a website project.

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