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Want to achieve OnlineXcellence with your business. If you have a website or are considering putting a website in place to have your company do business online, then you might be surprised how the OnlineXcellence Internet Marketing team can help you plan your website, assist with the design of the site and ensure that your web marketing effforts adhere to best practice techniques. Search engine Optimisation has changed forever during 2011/2012. So if you want to have a successful website bring you traffic and that pages convert your visitors into enquiries or sales then we can help you market your website pages and if want tobe more knowledgeable about how to market online, we can also mentor and train you to handle your website’s marketing and maintain peak performance. We also work closely with your web developer.

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  1. Adrian Bereziuk says:

    Hi everyone
    I’d like to welcome you to this new and very exciting programme in Glasgow.
    I have been working with so many companies over the years on matters like this and it is so refreshing to now have a fully fledged product available for businesses to take part in.
    Trust me – you will find the process very worthwhile and enlightening and you WILL see the results when you start to implement changes that will bring your site into line with current day standards.

    I sincerely hope you will join us on the 12th February and that you will be inspired to join the programme with Central College.

    All the best

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